Hey guys! I'm Brenda, the the awkward girl behind the lens ready to become your paparazzi lol I'm just kidding (sorta) I am ready to chase light + create timeless beautiful memories for you. 

Thank you for looking around my site! Typically you will find me dancing with my sassy + goofy 3 year old, she definitely keep me on my toes. I love to pick on my super + absolutely amazing husband, not sure how he tolerates me. I'm guilty for watching horrible reality TV (I can't help it lol) I'm also a sucker for documentary shows, my husband + I bond in this nerdy way. I refuse to match my socks, its my way of not adulting when I sit at home & edit your wonderful portraits. I used to work full time as a Medical Assistant, as much as I loved taking care of my patients, photography had always been my true calling. I love everything floral, pastel & white. They are becoming part of my signature lifestyle lol.

I am what you call a NATURAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER with a splash of bold colors. My style of photography is very bright & warm, I always try to stay true to my style whether it's on a bright sunny or cloudy day. I am extremely picky with my work, my husband says I am super hard on myself, but I aim to provide the best for my clients. Hope we are able to create timeless memories together.

I'm Brenda

Hey There

I met my husband on TINDER! Gasp! Yes, I know lol Not going to lie, it felt like I was shopping for men. I was on Tinder for a total of maybe 2 days before we began talking + later met. It's been a fun + amazing life these past 5 years with him. Married + a 3 year old later, who would have imagine all it took was swiping to the right.


We have two fur babies.

I have a small + grumpy 9 year old Morkie (Yorkie/Maletese). Her name is Ginger Gizmo aka GIGI. Her birthday is on 4/20 lol She's not very fond of our daughter + tends to love her alone time.

My husband has a huge lap dog. His name is Payton + he's a 6 year old German Shepard Lab mix. He is a huge cuddle bug, has a huge amount of patience with small children + loves to destroy couches lol 


I have dimples on my shoulders + can wiggle my ears. I recently decided to google the shoulder dimples + found out its a very rare congenital malformation. It's even more rare because I have it on both shoulders.  As for me being able to wiggle my ears, I just think its funny lol Can you wiggle your ears?


I am fluent in Spanish. Spanish is my first language, I didn't learn proper English until I was in 4th grade. People often say that I have a minor accent. I definitely do not hear it, but I can see why people catch it. So if you have any questions + you are more comfortable speaking in Spanish, no worries I am more than happy to assist you.
*Si necesitas ayuda en espaƱol por favor dime y te puedo ayudar*


I love to binge watch shows. It does not matter if I have seen this show 3 times before. I will go through all the seasons + still gasp, yell + cry like if it's the first time I have watched the show. I will forever love Friends, One Tree Hill, The Originals, The Office, Pretty Little Liars, + anything else on Netflix or Disney+ lol


My all time favorite movie is The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan Version). I can watch this movie over + over + still laugh at it. It's super cheesy, but that's why I love it. I think the reason I love it is because this was the first movie I ever own in English. It was a huge deal in my house since Spanish is my first language. Also I was suppose to be a twin (It was a vanishing twin), so I just thought it was the coolest watching a movie about twins lol


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